National Tsing Hua University Library Reading Services Regulations

  • Patrons must enter the library with a valid ID card:
    1. NTHU staff must enter with their Faculty or Staff ID cards and students with their ID cards.
    2. The spouse and immediate family members of NTHU staff and faculty can enter with the Immediate Family Member Library Card
    3. Any other patron must enter the library with the card issued by the library.
    4. The faculty, staff, and students of NCTU, NCU, and Yang Ming University should enter the library with the faculty, staff, and student ID cards respectively.
    5. Visitors from outside of school (over the age of 18) may exchange a temporary library pass with their national ID card. Temporary library passes at the Main Branch are limited to 200 per day, and for the Nanda branch, 50 per day.
    6. Visitors age 15 from 18 are allowed to exchange a temporary library card with their national ID card during winter and summer break. These cards are limited to 30 per day.
    7. Patrons entering the library with a temporary library pass are required to fill in personal information beforehand and return the temporary library pass upon departure. Patrons that fail to comply will be fined 10 dollars for each day the card is unreturned. If the temporary library pass is damaged or lost, the patron must also hand in a NT$200 handling fee.
  • Library Patron IDs are only eligible for use to the owner of the card. One must not lend or exchange cards. If a card is lost, report to the library and apply for a reissue of the card. The original ID holder will be responsible if someone commits ID fraud with their ID and causes library resources loss before reporting ID loss to the library.
    Entering the library with a card that is not your own or lending your card to someone else will result in suspension of library entering and borrowing rights for 30 days.
    If the patron’s illegal ID is issued by the library, and has been illegally used the second time, the library will confiscate the ID and will not allow the original ID holder to apply for ID again.
  • Library resources are preserved in open stacks and patrons can enter the stacks to browse for themselves. Resources should be returned to their respective places after each usage. To retrieve the resources in closed stacks, please apply beforehand.
  • Patrons must respect Intellectual Property Rights and abide to the regulations when using library resources.
  • Patrons must maintain the library environment quality. Food and drinks are not allowed. Do not yell or disturb and affect the rights of other patrons.
    Patrons must use the library's resources and facilities with care. Do not damage or steal anything of the library's. If a patron wishes to photograph areas of the library, they must obtain permission with an application form at the front desk.
    Patrons must not withhold seats with one's items. Take your belongings with you if you intend to be absent for more than 30 minutes. The library has the right to (and will not be held responsible for safekeeping your belongings) remove your belongings if you fail to do so.
  • Patrons must abide to “NTHU Public Computer and Internet Usage Regulations” during usage of the library's computers or internet service.
  • Patrons should abide to all library regulations. Patrons that violate regulations, cause danger to the library building and its occupants will be dealt with according to the “NTHU Library Violation Handling Guidelines”.
  • Patrons with library issued borrowing rights or patrons that hold a library card (including a temporary library card) have the right to appeal to the library if the library regulations and management measures are improper.