Spaces and Facilities Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • International conference room/exhibition hall/hallway: Call Division of Physical Facilities (extension 31369)
  • Long distance classroom A/B: Call Computer and Communication Center (extension 31132)
  • Classroom 243/245/253: Call Division of Curriculum (extension 31396)

Yes, but all the materials must be used in the library.

  • Insert the card vertically for easier sensing.
  • Press the space bar to wake up the computer
  • If there is no connection, check if the computer has been shut down.
  • If none of the machines work. Please seek help at the Information Desk.
  • If alumni have problem entering or using the card, please seek help at the Circulation Desk.

The elevator sound is required for the barrier-free environment, and we have already adjusted the volume to the lowest. Please choose a seat farther from the elevator if you are concerned. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Access of this kind is not provided due to concerns with driver compatibility and information security.