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Special Collections & NTHU Archives

In 2003, Mr. Yeh Jung-Chung's descendant kindly donated his manuscripts, documents, and other historical materials collected by Mr. Yeh to the National Tsing Hua University Library, and the collections cover the time from the Japanese colonial period to the post war 1970s. Starting from 2004, Baodiao Movement activists in Europe, America, Hong Kong, and Taiwan have donated numerous journals, manuscripts, and various documents which record the activities they participated primarily in the 1970s and stretching through the second half of the 20th century, constituting a substantial part of NTHU Library's special collection. Other valuable materials have also been added to the collection: the calligraphy and paintings by Japanese and Taiwanese in the period of Japanese colonial time (1895-1945), donated by Prof. Yang Ru-Bing and Prof. Fang Sheng Ping of the Department of Chinese Literature, NTHU, in 2008; manuscripts and historical materials from Mr. Ji Gang (Zhao Yue Shan), who took part in the anti-Japanese movement in Manchuria (1932-1945), and is famous for his “Turbulent Liao River”. Passionate participant of the Baodiao Movement in the 1970s and Avant-garde reformer of Taiwanese native literature Tang Monbill’s manuscripts and documents were also donated by his wife and son in 2010.

Since 2004, NTHU Library has systematically acquired and preserved the institutional memory of NTHU, especially the founding of Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu, including documents, photos, visual-audio materials of presidents, alumni, faculty, staff, administrative units, academic units, Meichu Game, university anniversaries, graduation ceremonial activities, and etc. The NTHU Library has been conducting oral history interviews with alumni and retired professors to enrich university history archive. Since 2008, the library has collaborated with all NTHU administrative and academic departments on recording their memorabilia. With that, diverse information and events regarding NTHU can be promptly archived, effectively managing and sorting all history of NTHU.