Wireless Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

or Non-NTHU students and faculty whose school has applied for using network roaming, please login with the school account + school realm (https://ccnet.ntu.edu.tw/wireless2/tour_networkRoam.html). Ex. NCTU faculty want to use NTHU Wireless Network, their school ID xxxx, the account will be xxxx@faculty.nctu.edu.tw and the password for the email. For more information, please refer to Taiwan Academic Network Roaming.

The Main Library and Humanities and Social Sciences Branch provide wireless access. If certain areas have poor connection, please consider moving to areas with better connection. For Any questions, please fill out “NTHU Library Wifi Troubleshooting Form

  • NTHU users: Please refer to NTHU Campus.
  • Non-NTHU users: Please apply for iTaiwan account.
  • User with Computer Center Account: please refer to wireless troubleshooting
  • iTaiwan user: please refer to iTaiwn FAQ
  • Inter-School roaming user: Please consult the Computer & Communication Center of your respective school.

For other questions, please fill out the “NTHU Library Wifi Troubleshooting Form

The same account can’t be logged on different devices at the same time via iTaiwan. Accounts issued by Computer Center are not restricted.

Due to the 10 minutes idle-timeout, logging out is not necessary.

  • Make sure the SSID you used is correct, ex. i-Taiwan, nthu-library or nthupeap.
  • Disconnect the unintended SSID and re-connect.

Close all browsers and open a new one.