Library Catalog & Personal Information Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please first confirm if your desired material is noted with “compact stack” on the catalog.

In order to provide a better reading environment, we have arranged the Main Library’s B1 as the compact stack, and the materials stored in it may include western bound periodicals, rarely-used materials (reference books, material accessories, audiovisual materials, newspapers, etc.) Alumni and other patrons are welcomed to visit the library to access e-resources via the public computers.
  • How to request: The compact stack is not open to the public, if you need anything from the compact stack, please place a request on the item as usual. If you are not on campus, please fill out the Application Form for Compact Stack Pick-up.
  • In case of emergency requests, please contact the Information Desk.
  1. Go to the library homepage My Account
  2. Enter your student/faculty/staff ID barcode, please skip "-". Ex, if your barcode is 029801301-0, please enter 0298013010
  3. Enter your password. By default, your password is your ROC ID number, or your barcode (repeat twice), all letters are capitalized.

The My Account page enables you to check personal loan status and record, make online renewal, reset password, update personal profile, and send acquisition recommendations, etc.

All checked out items can be requested, but patrons must pick up the items within 3 days of receiving the Pick-Up Notice. If the item is not picked up in the given time, it will not be kept for you, and 1 penalty point will be recorded on your account. If 3 penalty points are accumulated, your request privilege will be blocked for 30 days, as this is what the “Blocks” mean.

To protect your rights, please bring your student/faculty ID to the Main Library's Circulation Desk during opening hours, or call at 5742996/5742997, we will reset your password.

If you see the “On Shelf” status on the library catalog, but can't find the item, please head to the Information Desk to fill out the Missing Items Search form, we will be searching for the item at least 4 times for 1 month. If we find the item, we will place a hold on it for you, if not, we will still inform you through email. In a word, no matter we find the item or not, we will let you know via email.

We will search the missing items on a regular basis. However, we will not be able to prevent other patrons from borrowing the item, because if the missing item is found by others, then it can be browsed and borrowed by the patron who found it freely.

Due to the limited budget and space, we try to eliminate duplicated subscriptions. But in order to balance patrons' need, we periodically inspect the materials' borrowing rate, for example, if an item has been requested by 10 patrons, we will try to purchase another copy of it if the budget allows.

Please search on the library catalog to see if we have your desired material. Some of the professors have voluntarily provided their work to the library for collection, but we might not have all of their publications.

The allowed loaning amount of books and audiovisual materials are calculated respectively. For example, in the case of undergraduate students, you are only allowed to borrow a maximum of 30 books, and 5 audiovisual materials only. Please remember that they are not interchangeable.

Each penalty point will last for 30 days, after that, the point will be removed from your My Account records.

Students who are on the leave can still enter the library with student ID, however, all borrowing privileges will not be available until after reentry tuition payment is completed. You can bring your Payment Confirmation Receipt to the Main Library's Circulation Desk, and we will process your privilege resumption.