Reference services & Subject Librarians

Reference services

Librarians at the reference desk are able to answer questions in person, by telephone, via email, or by standard post. We are ready to assist you in the utilization of library resources and reference materials. Check out Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to see if your question has already been addressed there.

Types of Services

In Person

  • Locations: Reference desks at the Main Library, the Humanities and Social Sciences Branch, the Physics Branch and the Mathematics Branch
  • Service Hours


  • Consult the extension numbers for the reference desk of different departments (university operator:571-5131)
  • Main Library:#42995 (574-2995)
  • Nanda Branch:#76356
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Branch:#42814 (574-2814)
  • Physics Branch:#42550
  • Mathematics Branch:#33054
  • Chemistry Collection:#33399


  Type of Service Extension # Direct Dial Fax Number
Main Library Reference Counter 42995 03-5742995 03-5162295
Borrowing and Returning Books 42997 03-5742997 03-5162294
Multimedia and Audio-Visual Center 42981 03-5742981 03-5162294
Lost and Found 42996 03-5742996 03-5162294
Nanda Branch Reference Counter 76356   03-5255438
Borrowing and Returning Books 76361   03-5255438
Multimedia and Audio-Visual Center 76361   03-5255438
Humanities and Social Sciences Branch Reference Counter 42814 03-5742814 03-5162297
Borrowing and Returning Books 42813 03-5742813 03-5162297
Mathematics Branch Reference Counter 33054 03-5733054 03-5726084
Borrowing and Returning Books 33054   03-5726084
Physics Branch   42550 03-5742550 03-5725795
Chemistry Branch   33399    

Find Your Subject Librarian

Colleges Subject Librarian E-Mail
College of Technology Management
Taipei School of Economics and Political Science
College of Life Science
College of Nuclear Science
College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
College of Semiconductor Research
College of Engineering Mr.Chou
College of Science
Tsing Hua College
College of Humanities & Social Science Ms.Lai
College of Education(Main Campus)
Center for Teacher Education
College of Education(Nanda Campus)
College of Arts