Rules for Circulation Services

Chapter 1: General

  1. The collections of National Tsing Hua University Library (hereinafter referred to as “The Library”or ‘NTHU Library') are mainly provided for use by faculty , staff and students of National Tsing Hua University or other individuals/groups that are approved of by the National Tsing Hua University Library.
  2. The following rules are applicable to the services provided by Tsing Hua University Main Library, the Humanities and Social Sciences Branch, the Mathematics Branch, the Physics Branch, and the Nanda Branch.
  3. Valuable collections, graduate theses and dissertations of National Tsing Hua University in the thesis area, journals, newspapers, microforms and books on display are not available for borrowing.

Chapter 2: Borrowing

  1. Patrons who are eligible for borrowing must sign ‘The Statement of Patron's Privileges' to activate their library cards.
    Patrons of each type should follow the following rules.
    1. Students of National Tsing Hua University should present their student ID cards to borrow items. New postgraduate students of the current academic year (before 8/31) who have completed registration and handed in their graduation certificates or have signed the declaration should borrow items with their ID card.
    2. Current faculty, research fellows, adjunct professors, visiting professors, postdoctoral researchers, staff, assistants and Emeritus professors of National Tsing Hua University should borrow items with their ID cards issued by the Office of Personnel of National Tsing Hua University. The aforementioned patrons can apply for library cards for their immediate family members who are above six years old.
    3. Retirees, university students on suspend, alumni, short-term researchers, short-term study program & credit course students, CII partners, immediate family members of faculty and NTHU Affiliated Elementary School Staff members should apply for library cards.
    4. Visitors should apply for library cards according to "NTHU Library Membership Card Application and Guide".
    5. Based on the reciprocity principle, patrons of libraries which are in cooperation with the National Tsing Hua University Library borrow items according to the inter-library borrowing rules or cooperation agreement signed by both libraries.
    6. NTHU library members, student under suspension, alumni and short-term study program & credit course students who apply for library cards should pay a deposit which will be refunded when the library cards are no longer in use. If the patron does not return borrowed books or pay late-return fees, the library will confiscate the deposit and applicant will be not allowed to apply for library cards for a period of two years.
  2. The borrowing rights of patrons are specified in the "Library Collection Borrowing Limit, Period, and Directions".
    Patrons must follow the copyright law and the motion picture rating regulations when borrowing audiovisual materials. If violated, the patron will be responsible of the legal liabilities.

Chapter 3: Returning

  1. Collections borrowed by patrons should be returned to the library on time as dictated by library rules.
  2. When the library collection is under inventory check, the library can notify and retrieve collections that are borrowed by patrons.
  3. Patrons should return borrowed items on time or else a late-return fee will be incurred according to the rules.
    1. Faculty and staff should return all borrowed items and pay all late-return fees before resignation, or else resignation will be denied.
    2. Graduating students, transfer students, and students under suspension should return all borrowed items and pay all late-return fees before leaving school, or else the leave will be denied.
    3. Patrons who hold library cards issued by the library should return all borrowed items and pay all late-return fees, or else the library cards cannot be extended, and deposit may not be refunded.
    4. Deposit can be refunded within six months of expiration of library cards. Deposit will be confiscated if not refunded within five years of card expiration.
  4. If patrons intend to return borrowed items (with the exception of audio/visual material) when the library is closed, they may return the items through return boxes around the library. However, return time is based on library records, and late returns may be dealt with accordingly.

Chapter 4: Reservation and Recall

  1. If the item that the patron intends to borrow has already been borrowed, the patron can apply for reservation, and should pick up items within three days of getting the library notice. Those who fail to do so will not only lose the reservation but also leave a record. For every three pieces of items reserved and failed to pick up, the patron loses the reserving privilege for thirty days.
    If patrons wish to borrow material that has already been reserved by other patrons, then the borrowing period will be lessened to only fourteen days.
    If borrowed items have been reserved by other patrons, then the patron should return borrowed items within fourteen days since the recall notice has been issued by the library.

Chapter 5: Violation and Compensation

  1. If patron fails to return borrowed items on time, then besides the suspension of patron privileges, for each piece of items borrowed, a late-return fee of NT$5 per day will be incurred to the patron. If the patron is late for over thirty days, the patron will be punished with a one- day suspension of patron privileges per day instead. Suspension can be converted to late-return fees in a rate of NT$5 per day.
    If patron plans to leave the school within suspension period, patron should convert all remaining suspension days into fees and pay all the fees. If the fees are not paid, then the leave will be denied.
    If a patron's late-return items exceed 30 days or overdue fees NT$ 500 , then the patron's privileges will be suspended until patron resolves the issue at the library.
    If a patron borrows in- library –use items or overnight borrowing and fails to return on time, then it should be dealt with according to rules regarding that matter by the library.
  2. If patron loses a borrowed item, then the patron should return the same new item as compensation to the library if new item can be bought. If public broadcast media has been lost, then the patron should also return new media with the same version. A processing fee of NT$100 will also be incurred to the patron.
    If a lost item is out of print or unbuyable, then the patron should compensate the library with three times of the item list price. If no list price is available, then the patron should pay NT$2000 for Chinese books, NT$3000 for foreign books, NT$1000 for home-use audio/visual media, NT 5000 for public broadcast audio/visual media.
    Compensation of lost library items should be authorized by the library staff. If the patron is not of legal age, then the responsibility carries on to the patron's legal guardian.
  3. Patrons are not allowed to mark, comment, fold, overwrite or damage library material. Patrons who do not obey will have to compensate to the library according to the rules of article 12 and report to related authorities of the damage. If patrons notice damage before usage of material, patron should notify the library staff of the damage.
  4. Library cards are only for personal use and the borrowing or exchange of the card is not allowed. If a card is lost, please notify the library and apply for a reissue from original issuer. If damage is inflicted to the library collection before patron notifies the library of the loss, then the patron should take full responsibility for the damage.
    If you use the library card of other patrons or you lend other patrons your card, the library can retrieve all borrowed items and both patrons will be forbidden to enter the library and suspend patron privileges for thirty days.
    If patron uses library card illegally for the second time, then the library will confiscate the library card and the original owner of the card will be forbidden from applying for the library card in the future.
  5. Patrons should follow the rules when using the library collections and those who do not follow the rules will be punished according to the aforementioned rules and the "National Tsing Hua University Library Violation Handling Guidelines".

Chapter 6: Appeal

  1. Patrons who have patron privileges or are in possession of library cards issued by the library can appeal to the Reader's Appeal Committee if they feel that their privileges have been affected due to wrongful handling or bad managing practices by the library.