Lift Restrictions

Library Epidemic Prevention Safety Measures


Service Changes(2021-01-28)

In response to the recent COVID-19 epidemic, hereby we remind our readers to take good care of health. Please abide by the following instructions.

  • Please enter the library with valid cards and register the real-name system.
  • Please wear a mask at all times in the Library, and keep social distance (1.5m).
  • The Moonlight Study Area opening seats are reduced to 100 for safe distance.
  • The students who leave of absence due to epidemic, the rights to use the library resources still hold.
  • The Library has reinforced the environmental disinfection routines and provided alcohol sterilizer for readers.
  • Please follow the instructions of infectious disease prevention on campus, for more details, please refer to NTHU website: 2019 new coronavirus.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding to help prevent the spread of the virus.


Environmental Safety

  • Hand sanitizers are available at the entrances of the three branches(Main Library, HSS Branch, Nanda Branch), service counters, staircase entrances on every floor in the Main library, and computer search stations on every floor in the Nanda Branch. Hand wash is also available in the library restrooms.
  • Daily sanitization measures in the libraries are reinforced, including handrails, elevator buttons, doorknobs, restrooms, card readers, computer keyboards and mouses, visual/audio panels, photocopiers, KIOSK s, and self-service stations, light up zone, discussion rooms.
  • Service counter staff are required to wear masks and take body temperature for conducting self-health management.
  • The Main Library, HSS Branch and Nanda Branch have book sterilizers for readers to use.

Epidemic Prevention Notice

  • Epidemic prevention notices are available on the library website, Facebook, broadcast systems, and entrances in the three library branches(Main Library, HSS Branch, Nanda Branch), and will continually updated with new information.

e-Resources Recommended during COVID-19

Inconvenience is inevitable when combating the outbreak, especially the anxiety associated with quarantine. However, this Is a time for us to enrich our souls and acquire knowledge. You can read books, listen to music, do exercise, and understand the newest progress in fighting the epidemic.

Therefore, the library has organized several online resources and epidemic prevention information for the faculty and students to browse, listen, and read. We hope to soothe your anxiety and help you get the newest correct information.


COVID-19 Open Access Resources


Epidemic Prevention Zone