National Tsing Hua University Library Personal Information Collection Statement

National Tsing Hua University Library (hereafter the library) provides a variety of services according to the Library Act. As required by the Personal Information Protection Act, Article 8 Paragraph 1, all users should be informed with the following statement:

  1. The Purpose of Collecting Personal Information Personal information is collected to utilize resources and to promote services of the library.
  2. The Scope of Processing and Using Collected Personal Information in terms of Time and Geographic Area
    • The library will continue to reasonably process and use the collected information: if the purpose of collecting such information requires; or, within the timeframe necessary to the implementation of the tasks related to the services provided by the library. There is no geographic restriction to the processing and using of personal information.
    • The library will use your personal information on the tasks related to the above mentioned purpose, including sharing the information with institutions in the University System of Taiwan, to promote cooperation and inter-library loans and to make necessary contacts and notifications.
  3. Types of Personal Information Collected
    • The library will collect information such as: your name, library identification number, national identification number, telephone number, address, and email. (For a more detailed list, please refer to the application forms of our services).
    • When you use the Internet resources provided by the library, the library and the online data service providers will retain cookies for management and record. The record would include IP addresses, the file used and the time.
  4. Providing Personal Information
    • You may choose whether or not to provide personal information, but service of the library cannot be offered if you decline to provide the information required.
    • Please provide full, accurate and up-to-date information as required by each service, and inform the library the alterations if there is any.
    • If you provide inaccurate, outdated, incomplete or misleading information, the library will not take any responsibility to the loss ensued.
  5. The Protection of Personal Information
    The library will perform with due diligence to protect your personal information. If your personal information is stolen, leaked, falsified, or damaged in any way due to force majeure, you will be informed by the library by phone, email or an announcement on the website.
  6. Your Rights to the Personal Information
    According to Personal Information Protection Act, Article 3, you have the following rights to the information collected by the library:
    • Request for access or review of the personal information.
    • Request for a duplication of the personal information.
    • Request for supplements or correction of the personal information.
    • Request for discontinuing the collecting, processing or using of the personal information. You may also request to delete the personal information provided that the information is not necessary for the library to perform its tasks.
    If you would like to perform your rights, or to offer us any suggestions, please contact the library. Tel: 03-5742995 Email: The Library Director's Office is responsible for handling all complaints regarding personal information.
  7. The Governing Law and Jurisdiction
    This agreement shall be governed and construed by the laws of the Republic of China and by the District Court in Hsinchu.