RAPID is an organization of libraries mainly from the universities in the United States dedicated to fast and cost-effective resource sharing. Requests for articles from journals submitted through RAPID ILL service will be delivered often within 24 hours. Developed by the Morgan Library of the Colorado State University, RAPID ILL now has over 100 members including libraries from Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan. NTHU Library is a member of the RAPID ILL community.

Notice: Please comply with the Intellectual Property Laws while utilizing this service.

Valid Applicants

NTHU faculty, staff and students

Login System


Application Notes

  1. Request for photocopies of western journal articles only.
  2. First, check the NTHU Library Catalog and eSearch to make sure that the required materials are not available within the Library.
  3. Login to the RAPID ILL@NTHU requesting system and send your request online. Please login with your faculty/staff/student ID Number and Library Password.
  4. Please fill in the journal title in its full name without abbreviations, corresponding ISSN, and all the required fields in the request form and submit the application online. Your requests will then be forwarded to the RAPID ILL.
  5. You will be notified by an email when the requested item is available. It will be kept in the Main Library for you to pick up. (Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-21:00)

Fee Schedule

Currently it is free of charge for NTHU faculty, staff and students.

Turnaround Time

  1. Requests sent through Rapid ILL will be fulfilled mostly within 1-3 days on a normal business day. The actual time varies depending on the working schedule of each library.
  2. Requests unfulfilled by Rapid ILL will be manually transferred to other Interlibrary loan libraries via NDDS which may take additional 1-14 days for delivery.

Contact Us

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