To ensure patrons receive rapid and equal access to the library collections, NTHU Library has implemented the recall policy since August, 2003. Patrons must fully understand the conditions under The Statement of Patrons Privileges before the first borrowing from the library.


This policy is applied to all patrons with reservation privilege, and it is enforced throughout the semesters, also during winter and summer breaks.

  1. If the desired item has been checked out, please go on the library catalogue and place a hold.
    • For items due in more than 14 days, the due date will be shortened to 14 days and the current borrower will be notified with a new due date by Recall Notice emails.
    • For items due in 14 days or less, the due date will remain unchanged. The current borrower will be notified by Due Notice emails.
  2. Once the item has been returned, patrons should pick up the item within 3 days after receiving the first notice (not including library closed days).
  3. If there are other reservations on the item, each patron will have 14 days of loan period.
  4. If the item is not returned on time, overdue fees will be charged. 
  5. Items returned on the day of the due date should be handled at the Circulation Desk, not the book drop.
  6. If the reserved item is not picked up on time, it will be passed on to the next patron in queue, and the system will keep records. If this situation accumulates up to 3 times in 1 month, your reservation privilege will be suspended for 30 days.
  7. Any questions and suggestions regarding the recall policy, please contact the Main Library's Circulation Desk by phone at (03)5742996 or 5742997, or by email at