National Tsing Hua University Library Card (Alumni) Guideline

  • Alumni can apply for a library card with an alumni card (apply for an alumni card at the Alumni Service Center).
  • Application
    1. Place: 1st floor counter of the Main Library
    2. Required Documents:
      • Alumni Valid Card
      • NTHU Library Card Application Form for Alumni
    3. Fee: NT$500 for the yearly fee and NT$3000 for the deposit.
  • Alumni with lifetime alumni card may apply for borrowing rights from of a year to 3 years, or with yearly alumni card for one-year borrowing rights. Alumni must personally apply for renewal if the card has expired.
  • If the alumni decides not to renew, the deposit will be fully refunded. If the cardholder fails to return borrowed material or pay overdue fees, the library will suspend the borrowing right of the alumni for 6 months and prohibit the cardholder from applying for borrowing rights for the next 2 years.
  • The alumni must abide by the “National Tsing Hua University Library Reading Service”. The borrowing right is according to the“Rules for Circulation Services”. For rooms & spaces, please refer to relative regulations.
  • If the alumni card is lost, please report to the Alumni Service Center and ask for a reissue then apply for borrowing rights reinstatement at the library.