• Non-NTHU affiliates (over 18 years old) with ID card may register for temporary card to enter.
  •  15 to 18 year-old visitors may present student ID card or ID card to register for temporary card during winter and summer breaks, maximum allowed-number is 30 people per day.
  • To register for a temporary card, please fill in your general information, and return the card before leaving the Library, people who fail to return the card will be subjected to suspension of $10 NTD per day of violation; if the card is damaged or lost, $200 NTD additional handling fee will be charged.


  • Applicant:
    • NTHU student clubs managed activity groups
    • Public and private high school and technical institute (or 5-year junior college under third year) instructors’ arranged student group of 20 people or more.
    • Society groups of 10 people or more.
  • Notices:
    • Every visiting session is 30 minutes, after the session ends please leave in groups.
    • Visiting groups must follow the Library’s reading regulations.
    • For reference, please contact Information Desk: phone- (03)5742995,, fax: (03)5724034

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