Graduation Procedure for the Library

Before going through the graduation procedure

  • UST Borrowing privileges for graduating students this year:The borrowing privilege of NCU & NYMU will expire on May 31st, while that of NTHU and NCTU will expire on the day when the graduation procedure is completed.
  • NotePlease return all materials borrowed from the UST Library. If your library privileges are still suspended at this time, you must pay the amount due in order for your application to leave the University.
  • All fees (e.g., fines, processing fee and so on) must be paid before you start the graduation procedure.
  • If you have any problems, please contact us. Tel: 5742997.

For Graduate Students

Uploading your Thesis

Please go to National Tsing Hua University Electronic Theses & Dissertations System to upload your thesis.

Theses Release Options:

  • For those who do not consider patenting their theses: Please choose whether or not to grant access to full text electronic/printed theses and dissertations for NTHU community members, National Central Library and Airiti Library.
  • For those who consider patenting their theses: The best way to protect the patentability of your research disclosed in your electronic /printed thesis is to temporarily withhold publication of the thesis, including the title, abstract, and the body of the work. A delayed release (embargo) period of 2 years is recommended.

After Uploading your Thesis

Please bring the following materials to the Reference Desk in Main Library for the graduation procedure.

  1. The verified notification of your submission sent by the Library
  2. A copy of the thesis and the authorization letter (with handwritten signature)
  3. The Authorization Letter to National Central Library with handwritten signatures
  4. The Authorization Letter to Airiti Library with handwritten signatures

* 3 and 4 are needed only if you agree to grant access for these two organizations

After completing the graduation procedure

  • After completing the Library graduation procedure, all new alumni can use their student ID card as a valid Alumni ID card for entering the library without any specific procedures. New alumni do not have any borrowing privileges of books, audio-visual materials and spaces until the NTHU Alumni Service Center issue a permit for borrowing, which may take several days.
  • The NTHU Alumni Service Center offers new alumni free borrowing privileges for months after they received their diploma. (If you graduate between January and April, the borrowing privileges will expire on February 28th of the following year. If you graduate between May and December, the borrowing privileges will expire on June 30th of the following year.)
  • New alumni must have a valid email account for further contact before they exert their borrowing privileges. Please note that your NTHU webmail accounts will expire after a certain period of time. New alumni have borrowing privileges of all libraries in NTHU but not of NCTU, NYMU and NCU.

To Donate Historical Materials

The Library encourages you to help preserve NTHU's heritage. Any material from the past may be of considerable value to us. This includes photographs, teaching materials, reports, manuscripts, research notes, organizational papers or publications and so on. For further information, please contact us. Tel: 5742995