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Guide to Making Acquisition Recommendations /

Making Acquisition Recommendations /


Guide to Making Acquisition Recommendations

  1. The Library welcomes acquisition recommendations from University faculty, students, and staff for books, journals, AV materials and electronic resources.
  2. Before making a recommendation, search the Library Online Catalog to ensure that the material is not already part of the Library collection. Once confirmed, you can fill out an acquisition recommendation.
  3. You can recommend up to five items per month. Each item requires a form.
  4. If the recommended material is already in the Library collection, the Library will not consider purchasing another copy until six requests are received.
  5. Recommendations for non-academic materials (for example novels, essays, and recreational reading materials) will not be accepted until three months after the material is published. However, if the material is relevant to a course, indicate the lecturer and course name as well as the reason for the request, and the Library will consider the recommendation.
  6. If the recommended material is from a specialized academic field, the Library will send your request to the Library committee of that academic department for review before making an acquisition decision.
  7. If the Library decides to subscribe to a recommended journal, the journal will be ordered as a part of its yearly journal renewal system.
  8. Notifications regarding requests are only sent via email, therefore you must include your email address.
  9. You can place a material on hold at the same time you make an acquisition recommendation, as long as it will be available for loan. Please make sure that the Library Online Catalog system has your correct email address in order to send you a notification when the material is ready for loan.
  10. If you have received a collection notification for a newly acquired material, go to the specified library branch for collection within five days. Otherwise, the material will be returned to its shelf and you will have violated the Librarys reservation regulations.
The Library will inform you of its decision via email, or you can also check online (Searching for Acquisition Recommendations) to see if your request has been accepted. For other questions, please contact the reference desk of the Main Library (ext. 42995, 886-3-5742995; email:



Making Acquisition Recommendations

Acquisition Recommendations System

NTHU Library

Recommendation for Books, Journals, AV Materials, and Electronic Resources

The System is limited to the use of NTHU faculty, staff, and students.
Note for user ID: Please enter your Student ID, Employee Badge or Campus ID barcode, please skip "-".Ex, if your barcode is 029512345-0, please enter 0295123450

Password Note: By default, your password is your ROC ID number, ARC number or your barcode(repeat twice) with leading letter in capital. To protect the privacy of your personal information, please change your default password as soon as possible.