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Media Viewing Seat

  1. Users: Patrons with a valid library card may utilize the media viewing space.
  2. Media Viewing Seat:
    Seat Type (Number of People) Number of Seats Equipment  
    1 45 32” LED TV, Blu-ray Disc Player, Personal 3D Viewer, Headphone
    2 16 32” LED TV, Blu-ray Disc Player, 3D glasses, Sound Focusing Speaker  
    3 or more 6 32” LED TV, Blu-ray Disc Player, 3D glasses, Sound Focusing Speaker  
  3. The Library provides single person, couple, and multiple people media viewing seats. Seats are not open for reservation; Information Desk (3rd floor) will arrange patrons’ media resources borrowing and seating.
  4. Notice
    • Patrons must comply with regulations of Media Viewing Seats in all respects.
    • The reservation should be activated with the valid ID card
    • If the reserved seats are not activated with 15 minutes, the system would cancel the reservation and release the seats for other people.
    • Reservation time is counted by 30-minute interval. Seats can be reserved for up to 4 hours. A reservation can be extended if the reserved seats are available after the time of current request but the reservation can only be extended once.
    • The Media Viewing Seat allows viewing of School Edition authorized media only, violators are subjected to suspension.
    • Replicating or transcribing any media resources are prohibited.
    • Patrons who use the Media Viewing Seat must keep the area clean.
    • Violators against the regulations are subjected to suspension, if damages are made (e.g. breaking any materials or equipment), compensation responsibilities will be held. 

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