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Others Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q1:Does the Library have the past Ph. D entry exams questions?

    NTHU Ph. D entry exams are being kept by each institute individually, not by the Office of Academic Affairs, thus we do not have the exam questions.

  • Q2:Does the Library help patrons purchase books?

    No, we do not provide book purchasing service, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  • Q3:Does the Library provide Lost and Found service?

    Please check on the Lost and Found system (in Chinese) to see if your lost item is in the list, then head to the Information Desk to ask for it, or call at 03-5742997.

  • Q4:Can I have the back issues of magazines that are not planned for binding?

    The back issues of magazines that are not bound will be kept in the Library office for a 1 year period. Others will be exchanged or gifted at various Library events.

  • Q5:If the patrons in the Discussion Rooms are too loud, who can I report to?

    Yes, if you feel that other patrons are being too loud, eating inside the Library, or actions that are bothering other patrons, please report the details to the Information Desk (you can use the Library phone on each floor), we will take care of it right away.

  • Q6:Why did the alarm go off when I exited from the Library gates?

    The gate alarm rings due to the following possibilities:

    • Accidentally carrying out materials that have not been borrowed. Please try to check your belongings before leaving the Library to prevent this from happening again.
    • Attempt of stealing the Library collection. Violator will be subject to discipline according to the Library regulations.
  • Q7:How can I donate books to the Library?

    Please bring the books to the Information Desk in the Main Library.

  • Q8:How can I make a recommendation for a collection to the Library?

    All NTHU faculty, staff, and students are welcomed to make suggestions to the Library through the Acquisition Recommendation System. Please check on the Library catalog to make sure that the Library indeed does not have the material you want. 

  • Q9:The patron inside the phone booth is very loud, why isn’t the phone booth sound proofed?

    Due to the laws, we cannot make completely sound proofed phone booths. The phone booths are only a space for temporary phone calls, please try to lower your voices when speaking. If you are bothered by the noise, please contact the Information Desk by calling with the Library phone.

  • Q10:The computers in the Discussion Rooms are not installed with Windows Office, how can I open my PowerPoint?

    The computers in the Discussion Rooms are provided for the recording usages only, therefore, you still need to bring your own laptop.

  • Q11:How come there aren’t toilet papers provided in each stall?

    As we are trying to be eco-friendly saving resources and reducing labor force, we now do the same as other public bathrooms, providing a big roll of toilet paper in the bathroom for people in need.

  • Q12:What do I do if stray dogs enter the Library?

    Please inform the librarian at the Information Desk, we will ask for help.

  • Q13:Can I apply to have my club event poster posted at the Library?

    Due to limited space, we do not allow posters that are not Library events. However, you may email the electronic version of your poster to, we will display it on the electronic bulletin board of each floor, also at the hallway and the Humanities and Social Sciences Branch. After receiving approval from the Library, you can also place pamphlets on the shelf that is under the electronic bulletin board in the Library hallway.

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