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UST Interlibrary Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q1:Where can I pick up and return UST books in NTHU?

    Both the Main Library and the Humanities and Social Sciences Branch Library are available for picking up and returning UST books.

  • Q2:Can I directly return the books I borrowed from NCTU (through UST) at the NCTU library?

    Yes, you can! Also, all UST books can be returned at the NTHU Main Library and Humanities and Social Sciences Branch Library.

  • Q3:I want to borrow books with the UST interlibrary circulation service, how do I do that?

    Please see UST Interlibrary Circulation Service for details.

  • Q4:After returning the books I borrowed from NCTU at the NTHU Circulation Desk, how can I confirm that they have received the books at NCTU?

    There are two methods:

    • Check on your NCTU My Account
    • Log in to your UST My Account > Transaction Records > Return Record > Statu
  • Q5:What should I use as the ID and password of My Account for other UST universities? 

    Ex. Amy’s student ID barcode is 021030101-0.

    • NCTU
      • ID: 0210301010 (Staff/faculty/student ID barcode without the dash).
      • Password: 10301010 by default (Staff/faculty/student ID barcode without the 02 and dash).
      • You must sign the Term of User Agreement before your first borrowing.
    • NCU
      ID and password:
      • Registered before Sept. 2012: both are your ARC number.
      • Registered after Sept. 2012: both are your student ID number.
      • You must sign the Statement of Patron’s Privileges before first borrowing.
    • NYMU
      • ID and password: 10301010 (Staff/faculty/student ID barcode without the 02 and dash).
      • First time users must log in to NYMU’s My Account
  • Q6:Does the other UST libraries have Recall Policy?

    No, the other UST libraries do not have Recall Policy.

  • Q7:Within how many days should I pick up my UST books?

    All UST books should be picked up within 7 days.

  • Q8:UST libraries contact information
    Phone Number (03)
    Extension 57417
    Campus extension
    (□ means wait 3 secs then call)
    42996 *943□2311 *942□57417 *940□52636
  • Q9:What are the borrowing rules for UST? Are they the same as NTHU borrowing rules?

    UST borrowing rules are as follow:

    • Max. 5 items (10 for NCTU), loan period is 30 days (NTHU items might be recalled and the loan period will be shortened), can be renewed once.
    • Can request 5 items maximum (10 for NCTU).
    • Materials not for borrowing: audiovisual materials, course reserve books, faculty publications, textbooks, exhibition books, theses and dissertations.
  • Q10:How often does the UST book delivering car operate?

    The UST book delivering car operates every working day (Monday to Friday) during school terms, while only once a week during winter and summer breaks.

  • Q11:Can I use the other UST libraries’ e-resources in NTHU? No, but you can visit the other UST libraries in person and use the e-resources there.

    No, but you can visit the other UST libraries in person and use the e-resources there.

  • Q12:How do I cancel the books I already requested?

    If the requested items have not been processed, you can cancel your requests on your UST My Account > Transaction Records > Borrow Record.

    If the items have already been delivered, please email for help.
  • Q13:I returned the books from NCTU on the Friday evening before winter break to NTHU Main Library, how come I still got Overdue Notices?

    During winter and summer breaks, the UST book delivering car only operates once a week. We will check you off according to the date you returned the items to NTHU library, but it will be shown that they are overdue until NCTU actually receives the items. For other inquiries, please email for help.

  • Q14:I am a NCTU student who hasn’t finished my graduation procedures, yet I can’t use my student ID to enter the library anymore, why?

    The entering and borrowing privileges of UST universities’ freshly graduated students are expired on May 31st. After June 1st, you would lose your borrowing privileges, so you need to enter as a visitor instead. Also, the entering and borrowing privileges of UST freshmen will be activated from October 1st each year.

  • Q15:During exam periods, are the other UST university students who forgot to bring student IDs still allowed to enter the NTHU library?

    Yes, you can! Please ask the librarian at the entrance to call the Circulation Desk at campus extension 42997, in order to confirm your patron identity, then you may enter after exchanging with your ROC ID/IC card/driver’s license, etc. 

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