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Material Status Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q1:I searched on the library catalog for a journal, but it showed “Bound Periodical (Request).” How can I find the item?

    Bound periodicals are stored in the compact stack, which is located at B1 of the Main Library, and the materials stored in it may include:Western bound periodicals, rarely-used materials (reference books, material accessories, audiovisual materials, newspapers, etc.)

    How to request

    The compact stack is under closed stack management, if you need anything from there, please place a request on the item as usual. If you are not on the campus, please fill out the Application Form for Compact Stack Pick-up.

    If any emergent request is needed, please contact the Circulation Desk.

  • Q2:Does “Withdraw” mean that the item is going to be thrown away? Can I ask for it?

    Items that are marked as “Withdraw” means that they have been confirmed as lost items, and are waiting to be crossed off from the library’s property list. If you need an item, please place a request on Acquisition Recommendation, but the library will have to evaluate the recommendations before purchasing.

  • Q3:“Missing” items

    What to do when I see that the item I want is marked as “On Shelf” but I can’t find it?

    If you see the “On Shelf” status on the library catalog, but can’t find the item, please head to the Information Desk to fill out the Missing Items Search form, we will be searching for the item at least 4 times for 1 month. If we find the item, we will place a hold on it for you, if not, we will still inform you through email.
  • Q4:“Cataloging” and “Ordering” materials

    Items marked as “Cataloging” can be requested, but “Ordering” materials cannot be requested because we are preparing to purchase the items, or we are still waiting for them to be sent in batches by the publishers. If you have any emergent need on the “Ordering” materials, please email for help.


    • This service is for current NTHU patrons only.
    • Patrons should always make sure that the email address on your My Account is the one you often check, so then you will receive all notices from us.
  • Q5:Will the “Discard” or “Lost” books be repurchased?
    You can place a request on Acquisition Recommendation, but the library will have to evaluate the recommendations before purchasing.
  • Q6:Can I borrow the “On Display” books?

    Yes, you may borrow the “On Display” books in the “New Arrivals” area of the circle in Main Library, also on 2F of Humanities and Social Sciences Branch.

  • Q7:How can I find a periodical?

    Please confirm by checking on the library catalog:

    1. Location: Main Library? Humanities and Social Sciences Branch? Mathematics Branch? Physics Branch?
    2. Collection issue number: do we have the issue you want?
      • Located area
      • Bound periodicals: Chinese periodicals are on 6F; Western bound periodicals are in B1, please request if you need
      • Current periodicals: 2F
      • Microfiches: contact 3F Information Desk
      • Discs: contact Circulation Desk or 3F Information Desk
    3. Collection status:
      • “Claim”: item not yet arrived in the library, please wait or apply through Interlibrary Loan.
      • “Preparing binding”: still in the library, please head to 3F.
      • “On binding”: not in the library, please contact 3F or the Circulation Desk to check the date the item will be sent back, decide then to wait or apply through Interlibrary Loan.
      • “In Process”: currently being processed in the library, please head to 3F Information Desk

    If you still can’t find the item, then it might be:

    1. You did not look through the current periodical shelfs.
    2. The item is on the book cart, copying room, or left somewhere in the library.
    3. Someone else is using the item at the same time.
    4. Other possibilities: ex. wrong arrangements, hidden away by other patrons…etc.
      • Please look around the area nearby, or the book cart, copying room, etc.
      • Ask for help from a librarian.
      • If you can’t find the item after several tries, please fill out the Missing Items Search Form.

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