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Library Material Borrowing and Returning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q1:I received an Overdue Notice even though I returned the item through the book drop, why?

    We suggest you to double check your borrowing records on My Account every time after using the book drop. Sometimes items may be missed accidentally by the scanner. If you have any question, please ask the Circulation Desk (contact Main Library, please call campus extension at 42996 or 42997, contact Humanities and Social Sciences Branch, please call campus extension at 42813).

  • Q2:Why can’t I place a hold on items?

    Reasons you can’t request items might be:

  • Q3:I recently received a Recall Notice, where can I find more information about the recall policy?

    Please see Recall Policy for detailed explanation, if you have any question, please ask the Circulation Desk by calling at 42996 or 42997.

  • Q4:Does the recall policy apply to all types of patrons? Including the professors?

    Yes, all patrons must follow the recall policy. As long as someone places a hold on an item, the original borrower must return it following the adjusted due date. Therefore, the policy works on both professors and faculties. For more information about the recall policy, please see Recall Policy.

  • Q5:Why did I receive a Due Date Notice even though I have only borrowed the book for 1 day? Why is the loan period shortened, too?

    You received the due date notice earlier because other patrons have requested the item, too. 

    For items due in more than 14 days, the due date will be shortened to 14 days and the current borrower will be notified with a new due date by Recall Notice emails.

    For items due in 14 days or less, the due date will remain unchanged. The current borrower will be notified by Due Notice emails.

  • Q6:If I can’t personally return the items on recall during winter and summer break, what can I do?

    If patrons cannot return the recalled item(s) in time, you can ask others to help you return it/them, or mail the item(s) to the Main Library’s Circulation Desk (address: 101, Section 2 Kuang Fu Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan 30013, Republic of China). Be aware that the arrival date will be taken into account, not the mailed date.

    To avoid missing out on any of the notification emails, please make sure that the registered email address is correct. To update email address, please login to My Account.
  • Q7:If I have overdue books from NTHU library, can I still borrow books from NCTU library?

    Yes, Even if you have overdue books from NTHU library, you can still borrow books from the other UST libraries.

  • Q8:Are new graduate students who haven’t registered allowed to use the library? Do I need to apply for any ID?

    Even if you haven’t gotten your student ID, you may still bring your identity card to the Circulation Desk to borrow books (must sign the Statement of Patron’s Privileges first, user ID is Y + your student number)! For more information please see Graduate Students.

  • Q9:How do I renew items? Is there any limitations?

    You can log onto My Account or head to the Information Desk to renew.

    1. Go to the library homepage My Accoun
    2. Enter your ID. Your student/faculty/staff ID barcode as your user ID, please skip "-". Ex, if your barcode is 029801301-0, please enter 0298013010
    3. Enter your password. By default, your password is your barcode (repeat twice), oryour ROC ID number, all letters are capitalized.t

    Renewals are allowed only if the items are not reserved by others. The checked out items can be renewed from the next day borrowed, and renewal repetition is unlimited, but can only renew once per day.

    For more details please see Library User.

  • Q10:Where do I pick up my requested item? Will I be notified when my requests are available?

    You can pick up your requested books at 1F’s Smart Bookshelves, audiovisual materials at the Circulation Desk. And yes, we send Pick-Up Notices to patrons when requests are available.

  • Q11:If I already received a Pick-Up Notice, can I still cancel my request?

    If your requested item is already available, but you cannot pick it up within the given 3 days, please cancel the request online, or call the Circulation Desk campus extension at 42996, email at to prevent receiving penalty points.

  • Q12:Can NTHU patrons request NCTU library’s materials?

    Yes, NTHU patrons can request NCTU library’s materials, and may choose the pick-up location as follows:

    To pick up at NTHU Main Library

    • Log onto NCTU Library catalog
    • Place a hold
    • Wait until you receive a Pick-Up Notice from NCTU
    • Log onto UST system to borrow the same book
    • When you receive a Pick-Up Notice from UST system, come to NTHU Main Library to pick up

    To pick up at NCTU Library

    • Log onto NCTU Library catalog
    • Place a hold
    • Wait until you receive a Pick-Up Notice from NCTU
    • Go to NCTU Library directly to pick up
  • Q13:The book I borrowed is overdue, what to do? Can I renew it?

    Overdue books cannot be renewed.

    If you have overdue books, your borrowing privileges will be blocked and there is an overdue fee of $5 NTD per item per day of overdue. If your books are more than a month overdue, for example, 50 days, then you have to pay the overdue fee for 30 days, and your borrowing privileges will be blocked for 20 days.

    If you wish to know your current amount of overdue fee, please log into your My Account to see the details.
  • Q14:What to do when the book I borrowed got lost?

    If any item is lost, you must inform the library as soon as possible before the due date, and either buy a new copy of the item for the library (processing fee also needed), or pay the compensation fee. If the item is also overdue, there will be overdue fees, too. If you have further inquiries, please call the Circulation Desk at 42996 or 42997, or email at

  • Q15:Why are some items’ loan periods longer than others?

    For the needs of research and teaching, loan periods vary for different types of patrons. Especially that NTHU professors and researchers are allowed to borrow up to 80 books maximum, and their books can be returned on the regular returning dates (the end of each semester), that is why you might see some checked out items have longer loan periods. However, all patrons are subject to the Recall Policy, therefore, if you need an item that has been checked out, feel free to place a hold on it. For more information, please see Borrowing & Returning.

  • Q16:Can alumni borrow books from the library?

    Alumni are allowed to borrow books after applying for the Alumni Card (with borrowing privileges). For details, please see Alumni.

  • Q17:Can visitors borrow books from the library?


    • Who are UST faculty, staff, or students are welcomed to borrow books from NTHU library with their own university IDs.
    • Who can borrow NTHU authorized interlibrary cards from other collaboration libraries or units to enter and borrow materials. For more information, please see Interlibrary Card.
    • Who are neither of the two listed above, please apply for NTHU Library Membership in order to borrow books.
  • Q18:Can I use the Alumni Card or Temporary Library Card at the other UST libraries?

    No, only the faculty, staff, and students of the UST are allowed to directly borrow and return books at each UST library. Therefore, patrons with Alumni Card or Temporary Library Card cannot do the same.

  • Q19:Can the library digitalize materials?

    If it is necessary for us to digitalize materials, all of our actions will have to obey the copyright law. Since digitalizing materials involves many details to be confirmed and they may vary from case to case. Therefore, it is not a yes or no question, and there is also no general rule to cover this topic. Please see the Copyright Act for more information.

  • Q20:Can I apply for the Alumni Library Card if I have applied for leave of absence or have dropped out from NTHU?
  • Q21:The Due Date Notice I received showed a different item title from the one I have checked out, what to do?

    Please check if the barcode of the item from the notice is the same as that of the item from your loan list on My Account. If yes, then it is the same item. If not, please call the Circulation Desk extension at 42996 or 42997 for assistance. Remember to check on your My Account each time after you borrow materials in order to prevent this kind of situation from happening again.

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