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Electronic Resources Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q1:Can alumni use the E-resources (including e-database, e-journals, and e-books) off campus?

    No, only current NTHU faculty, staff, and students are eligible for remote access to licensed e-resources due to signed agreements.

    Alumni and other patrons are welcomed to visit the library to access e-resources via the public computers.
  • Q2:Can I use the other UST universities’ databases or e-journals in NTHU?

    No, the e-resources subscribed individually by each UST university can only be used by its own current patrons. If NCTU Library has the e-resource you need, you can visit the NCTU library to use it.

  • Q3:Can NTHU students access the e-resources off campus?

    All current NTHU faculty, staff, and students are able to access the e-resources off campus via VPN or log in to your library account from e-Search. If you forgot your password, please contact the Circulation Desk at extension 42997/42996, or email

  • Q4:What to do if I forgot my ID and password to my database account?

    Please email your name, student number, department, and the name of the database to We will check for you and reply as soon as possible.

  • Q5:When I tried to open the e-journal’s full text, it asked me for ID and password, what to do?
    Please first double check via e-journal system. If you found the e-journal, but still can’t access the full text, please email your name, student number, and department to including the complete reference (e-journal name, article title, issue number, page number). If you can’t find the journal both in e-journal system and in library catalog, then the library may not subscribe to this journal due to limited budgets, please request by Interlibrary Loan Service instead.
  • Q6:What to do when I can’t open the e-books on MyLibrary?

    Since some e-books on MyLibrary are from the early 90s, they might not be in PDF or ePub format. If you cannot open them, please try the following:

    • Browse with IE 7.0
    • Use Unicode: View > Encoding > Unicode
    • Add language: Tool > Internet options > General > Language > Add > English
    • Reopen the browser

    If you still can’t access even after these steps, please email the e-book title to, we will check and reply to you as soon as possible.

  • Q7:Which computers on 1st floor provide the single-licensed databases?

    The computers installed with single-licensed databases on 1st floor are:

    • F107 – Datastream
    • F109 – AREMOS
    • F110 – TEJ
    • F112 & F113 – Lawdata (in Chinese)

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