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  • Seats

There are a total of 1,564 seats in the libraries, including 1,136 seats in the Main Library, 152 seats in the Humanities and Social Sciences Branch, 139 seats in the Mathematics Branch, 46 seats in the Physics Branch, and 32 seats in the chemistry reference room, all of which are open seating.


You cannot use personal items to reserve seats. If you will be away from your seat for more than 30 minutes, please take your personal belongings with you. The Library may take away personal items left unattended for more than 30 minutes, and will not be responsible for these items.

  • Computing facilities

The Library provides a number of computers for library catalog and online resource searches. The 1st floor of the Main Library has 28 computers, while the 2nd to the 6th floors each has two computers. The Humanities and Social Sciences Branch has 16 computers.

  • Wireless Internet Service
    1. Users: University faculty, staff, students, and those with a valid ID to enter the Library.
    2. Usage: You must use an account username and password to use the system as well as follow the instructions after connecting to the system. For University faculty, staff, and students, you should use your account username and password provided by the Universitys Computer and Communication Center to access the system. Other users can use the Librarys public internet account management system to apply for a temporary account username and password.
    3. Wireless Internet Card Service: Use your own wireless Internet cards. If you do not have one, use your university ID or national ID card to borrow one from the Librarys reference desk.
    4. Range of Services: Wireless Internet service is provided on every other floor in the Main Library and the Humanities and Social Sciences Branch.


  • Copy Room

Main Library: card-operated copying machines are available on each floor from the basement to the 6th floor, as well as in the AV Center.


Copying Service Center:

--Room 404 on the 4th floor of the Main Library, ext. 31031(886-3-5731031)

--Second floor of the Humanities and Social Sciences Branch, ext. 34427(886-3-5734427)

  • Scanner

The database search section on the 1st floor of the Main Library has a scanner for public use. You can use the scanner to scan or print, or use a floppy disk to make an electronic copy. Floppy disks can be purchased at the reference desk on the 1st floor.