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Course Reserve


  1. All instructors of NTHU may designate books, AV materials and other library resources needed for classes before a semester begins. After certain procedures, University Library will place the designated materials as Course Reserves at the Reference Desk for students reference.
  2. Course reserves on display are mostly made up of books and AV materials. If theses, dissertations, or newspaper articles are involved, please make a copy of them for the course reserves. If journals or periodicals are involved, please refer to the corresponding shelves to avoid hindering privileges of other library users.
  3. Please designate course reserve materials before a semester begins.(ways to send in your requests)
  4. Books selected as course reserves will be displayed on special book shelves in the Main Library and other Branches. AV materials will be displayed at the Information Desk of AV Center.
  5. To avoid hindering privileges of library users, the Library has approved of User Guide for Course Reserves for your reference. The University Library also provides an inquiry system for users to search specific course reserves through department, instructor, or course name.
  6. For comments and suggestions, please contact the following persons:
    Main Library:Ms. Lin #42883
    Humanities and Social Sciences Branch: Ms. Liu #42816
    AV Center: Ms. Ding #42396

course reserve procedure


  1. All NTHU instructors may designate course reserves at the Main Library and Branches for students to utilize through the semester.
  2. Before the end of a semester, University Library will send out course reserves designation reminder notifications for next semester to instructors. Instructors can submit their requests online through the corresponding Library web page.
  3. After receiving instructors course reserve application forms, University Library will collect the designated materials as course reserves and place them at the Reference Desk when the next semester begins.
  4. If University Library does have the designated materials currently, acquisitions will be made to continue the course reserve procedure.
  5. Except special designation, course reserves on display will last for a semester by default. After the semester ends, course reserve materials will be re-shelved to the appropriate locations.

ways to send in your requests

For your convenience, there are three ways to send in your requests:

  1. by applying online
  2. by email with batched information
  3. by filling-in the printed application form(Books, AV materials)