• All instructors of NTHU can put books, AV materials and other library resources on reserve for their class. After a set of procedures, the Library will place the materials as Course Reserves on the Smart Bookshelf for reference.
  • Current issue journals, theses and dissertations cannot be placed on reserve.
  • Instructors who use the Course Reserve Service are expected to know and respect Intellectual Property Rights. Instructors are assumed to take responsibility for any violation of Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Reserves on display will last for a semester by default except under exceptional requests. After the semester ends, course reserve materials will be re-shelved to the appropriate locations.
  • To avoid hindering privileges of library users, the Library has a statement of User's Guide for Course Reserves. The Library also provides an inquiry system for users to search specific course reserves through department, instructor, or course name.


  • After a semester ends and before a new semester starts, the Library sends an email to instructors reminding them to provide materials to be on reserve for the following semester.
  • Once receiving the list of materials to be reserved, the Library will begin to look for, recall, or buy the materials on the list. However, since western publications take around two months to arrive, instructors need to be sure to send in their lists as soon as possible.
  • Materials successfully set as Course Reserves will be displayed on the Smart Bookshelf (audio-visual materials will be at the audio-visual service counter) at the Main Library and the Course Reserve Sections of every branch. An ID is required to borrow these materials.
  • For any questions or suggestions, please contact the following:

How to Submit Requests

All requests for reserves MUST be submitted electronically, either via a list form (BooksAV materials) or as an e-mail attachment.

Please send the course reserves list to mslee@lib.nthu.edu.tw (Main Campus) or wclin@lib.nthu.edu.tw (Nanda Campus), the list information includes:

  1. Instructor's Name:
  2. Sponsored Department:
  3. Course Name:
  4. Course Number:
  5. Telephone/Mobile/Extension Number:
  6. E-mail address:
  7. Available Location:Main Library/Humanities and Social Science Branch/Mathematics Branch/Physics Branch/Chemistry Branch/Nanda Campus

For comments and suggestions, please contact the following:

  • Main Library: Ms. Lee (03)5742389 (extension: 42389)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Branch: Ms. Lee (03)5162382 (extension: 62382)
  • AV Center: Ms. Song (03)5742379 (extension: 42379)
  • Nanda Campus : Ms. Lin  (03)5715131 (extension: 76332)