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Welcome to National Tsing Hua University's Digital Dissertation System. Through the system, you can:

  1. Search for dissertations from the NationalTsingHuaUniversity
  2. Upload dissertations
  3. View instructions to upload dissertations
  4. Link to other related resources of doctoral and masters dissertations


Doctoral and masters dissertationsare the intellectual fruition of researchers, a valuable academic asset of universities, and important research materials. To better preserve them, allow more people to gain knowledge from them, and promote social advancements, universities around Taiwan have endeavored to establish a digital dissertation archive. In 2004, the NationalTsingHuaUniversity, NationalChiaoTungUniversity, NationalCentralUniversity, andNationalYangMingUniversity jointly established a digital dissertation archive. In June of the same year, the NationalTsingHuaUniversity began obtaining individual authorization and uploading dissertations of the University to share its academic resources.


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