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Title Reminder for Thesis/Dissertation Application Process
Content Here are some reminders in regard to your thesis/dissertation:

1. An alumnus cannot swap his/her thesis:
Taking academic ethics and integrity as well as copyright protections into account, an alumnus who has completed graduation procedure cannot swap his/her thesis. If he/she wants to modify his/her thesis due to reasons that does not affect the structure or content of the original thesis, he/she can fill in “NTHU Dissertation Modification Request Form” and “NTHU Dissertation Corrigendum Form”. The application forms should contain the signatures of the applicant’s adviser and the director of the department, then be sent to NTHU Library’s Acquisition and Cataloging Division. For students on Nanda campus, please go to Nanda Branch for application.

2. Thesis/dissertation will be transferred as a whole to National Central Library:
To help thesis/dissertation preserved and disseminations, the thesis/dissertation will be transferred as a whole to National Central Library. However, whether it can be open to public or the determination of the date on which his/her work is open to public access is up to the author’s authorization.

3. Please authorize your thesis/dissertation to be open to public access:
To Increase the visibility and impact of research results of NTHU, we strongly encourage you to permit your work to worldwide access unless you have intellectual property concerns such as publishing and patent application so that you have to delay your public access.

4. Maintain the consistency of your thesis/dissertation:
Please make sure the print copies of your thesis/dissertation consist with the files you have uploaded to NTHU Electronic Theses & Dissertations System.

If you have any questions, please contact the library:
• Main Library Ext. 42995、Tel 03-5742995
• Humanities and Social Sciences Branch Ext. 42814、Tel 03-5742814
• Nanda Branch Ext. 76357

Best regards,
National Tsing Hua University Library

Link http://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/
Date 2017-06-21

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